Shri. Dhananjay Mahadik

Dhananjay Mahadik is dynamic & visionary young personality. He is single-mindedly focusing on his social mission. Born on 15th January 1972 at kolhapur, Dhananjay Mahadik had his first lessons at Oriental English School, Kolhapur and completed graduation in commerce(B.Com) at Rajarshi Shahu College.

His leadership & organizational skills were evident since his childhood. He was very active class representative and also held the prestigious post as a university representative. He has always demonstrated these skills in uniting and motivating youth for some noble cause as well as in the adverse situations like natural calamities and social issues.

Shri. Dhananjay Mahadik is a keen sports person himself. In his college days he was national champion in boxing & wrestling. Still he takes keen interest in all sporting activities and is himself patron of many sports associations.

Shri. Dhananjay Mahadik is devoted to social service since more than 15 years. He has been a student leader and played the deciding role in college & university elections. This leadership skills has made him the most admirable,loved,respected youth leader in kolhapur district as well as South West Maharashtra.

He entered Business arena during his college days. After death of his Father Shri Bhimrao Ramchandra Mahadik, Founder - Bhima Co-op Sugar Mill, he took over the responsibility of Business and established Bhima Business Group. He has emerged as a leading Businessman owing to tremendous success of his enterprises like Chain of Petrol Pumps, Reliance Gas, Water supply units, Navbharat Trading Co., Bhima Riddhi Infotainment, Channel B, Bhima Health Zone, Bhima Swimming Academy, Bhima Food & Beverages, Bhima Builders, Adarsha Bhima Vastram and more. He is also engaged with advanced farming adopting new technologies. Today Bhima Group is providing employment for about 3000 people.

His Social Service and Leadership qualities edged him to compete in 2004 Loksabha Elections from Kolhapur constituency. He secured 3,87,600 votes with the highest voting percentage for the first time constituency (73%), which created history but he lost the poll only by minor difference. This did not stop him from helping people and solving their problems. During the disasters flood situation in the year 2005, he found his life mission and thus was born Dhananjay Mahadik Yuvashakti,an N.G.O.committed to make a difference. Dhananjay Mahadik Yuvashakti conducts various activities for the welfare of people helping them by different means His aspiration to help the needy further guided him to establish a noble project-Yuvashakti Food Bank.

Sou.Arundhati Mahadik

Arundhati Mahadik is a household name in Kolhapur & Sangli districts; thanks to her relentless social service. Born & brought up in Pune District, Mrs. Mahadik completed her education in well known Convent school.

After marrying to renowned businessmen Mr. Dhananjay Mahadik, Arundhati Mahadik gradually stepped into social life. Mrs. Mahadik is chairperson of Channel B, the prominent local channel, President of Bhagirathi Organization, Vice-President Bhima Education Society & the list goes on.

She is always available as a helping hand in development of women self help groups. Mrs. Mahadik has always strived for betterment of the underprivileged women. Formation of Bhagirathi Organization is part of this development program. Needy women in particular, are parted with basic knowledge of papad making, preparing paper bags, candle making, beauty parlor training and other essentials, which ensures them with self employment & helps them in earning a living.

Mrs. Mahadik is Director of Yashasvi Foods, which works extensively in marketing of food products, prepared by the women of self help group & members of Bhagirathi Organization. Mrs. Mahadik has kick started a project ‘Kali Umaltana’ for adolescent school girls. Awareness regarding health is created through this project. Also, Yashasvi is involved in large scale manufacturing of sanitary napkins.

Arundhati Mahadik has worked extensively for awareness regarding blood donation. She is keen about health of women working as domestic helps & organizes Health check up camps at regular intervals. As a social responsibility, Mrs. Mahadik has started to visit primary health center in rural areas & assess its conditions.

She is felicitated with various awards including, Giants Mahila Gaurav Purskar in 2010.